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Marriage Ceremonies

Islam teaches us that marriage is an important part of our life and that a healthy marriage leads to a healthy community.

Zakah Distribution

Masjid Ayesha recognizes that there are Muslims within our community who are eligible to receive our Zakaah.

Will Preparation

IMA offers Islamic Will services for the community to ensure that after the person has passed from this life.


Masjid Ayesha offers Islamic funeral services for the community.


Counseling services are available through the Imam at Masjid Ayesha. Counseling will be based on Islamic teachings.

Youth Programs

YME (Young Muslims of Edmonton) is a youth group that organizes youth events at Masjid Ayesha.

Ramadan Activities

Ramadan program schedule is released before every Ramadan.

Weekly Programs

The masjid hosts weekly programs that cover various topics such as Hadith, Tafseer, Fiqh, etc.