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How To Claim Your Tax Reciepts

Kiosk / Handheld Devices

1. First-Time Donations : When a donor makes their initial contribution, they will need to enter their email address during the donation process. This email address will be associated with their donor profile.

2. Subsequent Donations with the Same Card : For any future donations using the same payment card, our system will automatically recognize the card and pre-select the email address associated with it, making it a seamless process for your donors.

3. Donations Made Anonymously : If a donor initially made a donation anonymously and wishes to receive tax receipts, they have two options:

Option A : Contact us directly, providing the first 6 & last 4 digits of the card used for the previous donations.

Option B : Alternatively, you can make a single transaction on kiosk/Handheld device using the email address you’d like to associate with their donor profile. Once this is done, our system will link this email to all previous anonymous donations, and they will receive tax receipts accordingly.

Online Donations using Mervice Platform

It’s worth noting that online donations are already linked to the donor’s email address, ensuring a seamless tax receipt process for online contributors. This approach ensures that donors can effortlessly receive their tax receipts regardless of the channel they used.